Nancy’s News Bonus Content

Outtakes and extras from the Harrow’s Finest Five series for Harrow’s Finest Fans!

Welcome to your special page. Please consider this a token of my appreciation for being part of my reader community. I hope you enjoy your bonus content. Happy reading!

Too Clever by Half Bonus. After the first version of this novella was released, several readers contacted me, asking to see a glimpse of James and Tessa’s happily-ever-after wedded bliss. This is the original, unedited version of the epilogue that was later edited and added to the published book. READ THE TOO CLEVER BONUS

One Kiss from Ruin Bonus. This sneak-peek is from the nearly final version of one of my favorite chapters from Daniel and Emme’s story, wherein Daniel begins the night with a plan for Emme’s seduction, and ends it alone with a bottle of Percy’s rum. READ THE ONE KISS BONUS

Two Scandals Are Better Than One Bonus. Here is a sneak-peek at another of my favorite scenes, this one from Edward and Luci’s adventure into London’s seedy underworld, wherein the Luci proves her prowess with a firearm. And Edward learns he’s hella attracted to a lady brandishing a weapon. READ THE TWO SCANDALS BONUS

Third Husband’s the Charm Bonus. In Percy and Finola’s story, their first scene together in the book is from Percy’s point of view, although I originally wrote it from Finola’s perspective. This outtake is the alternate (and rather convoluted, unedited) version of chapter 2, scene 1. READ THE THIRD HUSBAND BONUS

Four Corners of Heaven Bonus. Once upon a time, this was going to be a book set in Argentina. Then I realized one of the things I love most about the series–the camaraderie among the Harrow friends–would be lost that way. Then I started the book in Argentina, threw in a murder, and…that didn’t work, either. But this outtake a very rough cut of chapter one of the story that never came to be. READ THE FOUR CORNERS BONUS

Five Ways to Seduce a Duke Bonus. The Duke of Wrexham is prepared to see Miss Barstow’s studio, but he doesn’t anticipate that the woman will barrel down on him in a runaway carriage or that he’ll make the acquaintance of a hellion monkey named Lucifer. What, exactly, was Simon thinking about the inappropriate yet irresistible woman his brother was determined to marry?  READ THE FIVE WAYS SNEAK PEEK